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Kills bacterial & fungal infections breeding in your clothes, towels & bed linen

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About Fongex

UK Data indicate that currently more than 5 million women suffer from Vaginal Thrush and oral Thrush is very common in babies and infants.


FONGEX® was originally developed in Switzerland but has now been reformulated in the UK to provide a broad spectrum of activity which meets the latest British and European laboratory test standards. It is a liquid, non-biological laundry detergent containing silver ion technology, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial [disinfectant] agent and a yeasticidal agent. It works at all laundry temperatures including today's energy efficient 30˚C wash (it is available in 200ml containers, 20ml per standard pre-wash or 40ml per hand/machine wash).




The product is colour-safe and suitable for 'delicates'.


FONGEX® is indicated as an adjunct to topical and systemic antimicrobial treatments for the treatment and prevention of cross-infection and self-re-infection via infected clothing, towels, bed linen etc. FONGEX® will kill common bacterial infections such as impetigo as well as yeast infections notably Thrush or candidiasis (Candida albicans).

Customer Reviews

It has been laboratory tested and meets British and European standards for both bactericidal activity (BS EN 1276:2009) and fungicidal/yeasticidal activity (BS EN 1650:2008+A1:2013)