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Localised analgesia for sport injuries, injections, piercings and much more

Medogesic products

About Medogesic®

(Chloroethane/Ethyl Chloride) Now available for localised analgesia.


For local transient refrigeration analgesia (freezing) where cooling alone is beneficial or as a precursor to a minor surgical procedure (eg. Sports injuries (strains, contusions), sprains, minor surgery (e.g. wart removal), pulp vitality test, piercing, tick removal, chiropody (foot care, pedicure), muscle cramps, cryotherapy in case of swelling, muscle pain, tenosynovitis (tennis elbow), articular ligament pain.)


Direct Stream aerosol is designed for targeted application (eg minor surgery and piercings). Fine Spray aerosol will cover a wider skin area so is the better option for applying to arms and legs and if being used to numb an area prior to administering an IM Injection.


Please contact for more information on instructions for use and precautions.


Medogesic is registered as a Medical Device (Class 1). Medogesic is a registered Trademark.