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Prevents cross-infection and self-re-infection via infected clothing, towels & bed linen

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About Eradicil

New formulation Eradicil® now includes Silver Ion technology to provide added protection against stubborn fungal infections.


Eradicil was developed to solve the problem that whilst treating fungal and bacterial infections such as Athlete's foot and Fungal nail, daily contact with socks, towels and linen transfers the infections to the laundry. If the laundry is then not washed at temperatures in excess of 65°C for sufficient time then the washing process does not fully sanitise the clothing. This can then lead to reinfection and cross infection to other family/household members.


Eradicil® is a liquid, non-biological laundry detergent containing three broad-spectrum antimicrobial and fungicidal [disinfectant] agents that work at all laundry temperatures including today's energy efficient 30°C wash and makes sure the laundry is fully sanitised. It can be used with your usual soap detergent and fabric conditioner. It is currently available in 200ml containers, (20ml per standard pre-wash or 40ml per hand/machine wash).




UK Data indicate that currently at least 9 million and up to 15 million people are suffering from athlete's foot and more than 1.5 million people have fungal nail infections.


Eradicil is indicated as an adjunct to topical and systemic antimicrobial treatments for the treatment and prevention of cross-infection and self-re-infection via infected clothing, towels, bed linen etc. The most common infections that are eradicated by Eradicil use are athlete's foot, jock itch (also known as dhobie or crotch itch), fungal nail infections (onychomycosis) ringworm and impetigo.


The product is colour-safe and suitable for 'delicates'.

Customer Reviews

"With a family of teenagers when one brought home athlete's foot it always spread to the others. Now I know why."

Mrs. D.D., Norfolk

"I'd given up and was just soaking my feet in vinegar every night in the hope it would do some good."

Mr. O., London

"Why is it that skin infections like athlete's foot, thrush and fungal nail keep coming back?"

Mr. M.R., Kent

Eradicil complies with British and European test standards
BS EN 1276 Antibacterial including E,Coli & MRSA
BS EN 1650:2008+A1:2013 modified Antifungal & yeasticidal including Candida albicans & Trichophyton mentagrophytes.