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An aerosol foam providing an organic, breathable, waterproof layer and hand barrier protection

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About Care Skin® med

Are your hands suffering due to repetitive hand washing and alcohol sanitiser use?


Care Skin® med has been available in the Swiss market since 1985 and is widely used in a range of work environments. It is an aerosol foam providing an organic, breathable, waterproof layer and hand barrier protection (75ml / 150 applications per can) like an invisible glove. The product has duration of action of 4 hours therefore each unit could last for three months in a working-week, twice-daily application situation.




Care Skin® med can be used in the following: prevention of contact eczema, skin irritation in patients, prophylactic use in people with occupational eczema, health care workers, hairdressers, laboratory workers, people with latex allergies, people who work regularly with solvents, people who work in metal processing), people in the home (gardening, car repair, do-it-yourself, decorating) and prophylaxis of nappy rash.


Care Skin® med is the optimal skin protection for the following reasons: Care Skin® med does not lie on the skin but instead forms in the skin (uppermost keratin layer) a highly effective protective shield; it does not smear and is not lipid-based; it is invisible and does not impair the sense of touch or transpiration and lets the skin breathe; long-lasting protection for over 4 hours even if the skin is washed several times with soap and water or disinfectant.


The unique formulation, application and creation of a two dimensional network in the skin offer tremendous benefits:
- No risk of sensiblizing properties
- No occlusion or pseudo-occlusion
- Invisible
- Non greasy
- All skin functions remain unchanged Unchanged feel of skin
- Water insoluble
- Easy application
- Long lasting effect - 4 hours protection
- No need to remove
- Skin easier to clean
- Very economical


Care Skin® med has been tested and proofed to be a very efficient skinprotector from:
- Alkaline and acid solutions
- Detergents and emulsifiers
- Solvents and disinfectants
- Lubricants, fats and fatty emulsions Urine, blood, secretions and sputum
- Printing inks, inks and paints Photoprocess-chemicals
- Bitumina
- Mineral and metal containing dust, including cement
- Resins, polyurethanes, catalysts and other aggressive substances
- Lab chemicals

Customer Reviews

"The invisible gloves"

J. Bell, Bedford

"A very effective cream"

DH, London

"I want to say that this product is excellent if you suffer with eczema or psoriasis it is like an invisible barrier and works for 4 hours without you worrying about using water on your hands especially if you cook in the kitchen and have to use gloves this protects your hands so well it's the best protection I have ever used."

M. Collins, London

"The product was so easy to apply to the hands and was odourless. I felt like I was putting on an invisible pair of gloves protecting my hands throughout the day and even after washing them they will still soft. Only two applications needed a day was a real treat."

R. Bloom, Herts