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Arm yourself against harmful bacteria with TrisanAF Hand Sanitiser. 

With two anti-bacterial agents and in-built Aloe vera moisturiser, TrisanAF is a refreshing, alcohol-free hand sanitiser, perfect for hygiene on the go.
Fongex logo
Fongex® now with Silver Ion technology eradicates yeast and bacteria infections that breed in laundry. It is widely distributed throughout Europe. It is laboratory proven to be bactericidal and yeasticidal against Candida albicans to British & European Standard
Eradicil® was developed by a Swiss pharmaceutical company with the aim of eradicating fungi and bacteria that breed in laundry. It has been widely used in the UK since its launch in 2009.
Care Skin med
  • Care Skin® med forms a highly effective protective shield within the top most layer of the skin(stratum corneum) like an invisible glove
  • gives four hour protection against solvents and other skin damaging chemicals.
  • is clinically proven to prevent nappy rash (napkin dermatitis).
  •  is invisible, non-greasy and does not impair sense of touch or transpiration
  • it lets the skin breathe
  • is water resistant
  • is Non toxic so can be used in everyday living (eg food preparation)